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Phone Bridge Meetings*

Meeting Schedules

Click on the link (blue text) to open the meeting schedule for your area. This will open a new window which can be printed.

  • English    Call in number: 1(712)-432-1680, access code: 152077#
  • Spanish  Call in number: (712) 451-6075, access code: 634992#

Meeting Resources

  • Meeting formats – meeting readings and formats for phone bridge meetings are available to read and download
  • Listen or Download – Phone Bridge Workshops and Events
  • Announcement Line: Call in to hear the weely Phone Bridge Announcements 605-475-4849, Access/Reference Code 605134#

Email Requests

  • Sponsor Coordinator: Contact via email :
  • Literature Requests: Contact Sherry A.  by email (preferred): or if you do not have email access, please call her at 818-398-4160 PST
  • Outreach List/Phone List Requests - We are required to make 4 calls a day, one to our sponsor and 3 to other CEA-HOW members.  Please contact Delores, email, telephone 505-330-3696 MST, for a list of phone numbers for outreach.  Email her to be included on the list or to change the information on the list.

The Phone Bridge Service Support Team

A group of CEA-HOW volunteers who are willing to answer any questions you may have about Phone Bridge Service positions.

  • Cheryl in NY at 718-438-6790 EST
  • Jan in ID at 208-356-9423 MST
  • Roberta S. in CA at 714-299-9721 PST
  • Marsha in NJ at 609-886-2812 EST
  • Shellee in CA at 562-688-4728 PST

Contact Information

The 7th Tradition

The 7th Tradition helps support the phone meetings in the following ways:

  1. Prudent reserve for a phone line should the free service be discontinued
  2. Supports the website which is the central source for phone line meeting information
  3. Area donations support sending delegates to the World Service Conference every year

Please Send  7th tradition for all meetings to the bridge line treasurer at the following address :

CEA-HOW Bridge Meeting
PO Box 29048
MSC 250
Phoenix, AZ 85038

Instruction for using PayPal for 7th Tradition Contributions

  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Choose Send Money
  3. Enter in
  4. Select Personal then Gift
  5. Enter the amount and method you would like to pay.

Interested in Starting a CEA-HOW Phone Bridge Meeting?

If you are interested in starting a CEA-HOW Phone Bridge meeting, you must first have approval from the Phone Bridge Intergroup. Please contact Lucille ( to help you get started.
PLEASE NOTE: New meetings cannot be scheduled for the following times:
  • Sunday 5:00 PM EST – reserved for the Monthly Phone Bridge Intergroup meeting
  • Sunday 3:00/4:00 PM EST - reserved for the Sunday meeting that changes based on daylight savings time.

Upcoming Phone Bridge Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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