It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our co-founder Rae Z. World Service will hold a memorial for the worldwide fellowship to come together, and will announce the details when we have finalized the logistics allowing participation and access to members around the world. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

Rae Z with other founding members created a program that focused on helping compulsive eaters find a spiritual solution.  Rae shared her experience, strength, and hope as a compulsive eater in CEA-HOW meetings, and in talks, writings, and telephone calls. By example she was ever mindful that she was just another person who couldn’t handle her food – she needed other compulsive eaters to stay abstinent. She believed in the fellowship and its group conscience.

She leaves a program of recovery as a legacy to many members throughout the United States, Mexico, and other countries around the world.

Our best tribute to Rae Z. is to safeguard our own abstinence and to carry the message that there is recovery from compulsive eating to all who need it.

—CEA-HOW Board of Directors

Rae Z., CEA-HOW co-founder passes